Zombie Defense 2 is available as early access

Zombie Defense 2 is the sequel to the real-time tower defense of the same name in which you can recruit soldiers and deploy them to fend off waves of zombies.

The gameplay offers a mix of strategy, tactics and action and offers the possibility to upgrade characters, order air strikes, collect materials, create items, use stimulants.

With the money obtained from the missions it is possible to upgrade to the planes and soldiers and upgrade the means to make the combat units stronger.

Zombie Defense 2 includes 45 missions and many new features

DIVMOB’s tower defense includes 45 missions, dozens of objects to improve your character, 18 categories of enemies, 5 skills with various combinations, 10 units for recruiting, 3 types of mutant bosses, a vast arsenal that includes extremely powerful explosives, an oil tank to block zombies with fire and various types of side missions.

Zombie Defense 2 It is available for Android for free with no in-app purchases, but is ad-supported, plus the title is still under development, so it may have bugs. Below you will find the trailer and the badge to identify the game nel Play Store from Google.

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