YouTube Vanced is at the end of its adventure

Over the past few weeks, the YouTube Vanced announced that for legal reasons he was forced to abandon this project, stating that the application would continue to work on the devices in which it was already installed until Google had made changes to the platform to make it unusable.

Recall that YouTube Vanced represented a rather “controversial” solutionas it allowed users to watch videos posted on YouTube on Android without the related advertisements and without the need to pay the monthly subscription of the Premium service, using among other things some very popular features, such as playback of background video and mode Picture-in-Picture.

For YouTube Vanced, the time has come to close its doors

Well, in the past few hours Android users with the app Vanced Manager installed they received notifications from Google Play Protect with which they are warned that the app is “harmful” and puts their devices at risk.

Vanced Manager is not the same app as YouTube Vanced, as it can be thought of as a kind of companion app which acts as an “app store” to keep the main application updated (as well as to install it initially).

Google Play Protect is a security system installed on the vast majority of Android devices, as a safeguard for apps installed both from the official store and through sideload (This is a solution that can monitor malicious apps and behavior and alert users upon installation or after the app is installed).

It’s not entirely clear why the Mountain View giant suddenly flagged Vanced Manager as a “malicious” app but the decision appears to have been made on a large scale (at least that’s what user reports suggest).

For fans of YouTube Vanced it is probably time to give up.

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