YouTube Shorts tests a new feature for dubbing

YouTube Shorts allows users to create short videos up to 60 seconds long within the YouTube app and offers similar functions to TikToksuch as the ability to add text to specific parts of the video, automatic captions, filters, and more.

Shortly after its launch, YouTube rolled out a number of additional features for Shorts, such as the ability to sample audio from YouTube videos, while now Google is working on another new feature that will add voice acting to Shorts videos. from within the YouTube app.

YouTube Shorts tests a new feature for dubbing

The evidence that the new feature is being tested is contained in the new text strings identified by XDA in the APK file of the 17.04.32 beta version of YouTube for Android.

The strings reveal that the “voiceover” feature will add a dedicated voiceover button to the YouTube app, allowing users to record it without having to tinker with a third-party video editor.

Currently if you want to add custom audio to a YouTube Shorts video you need to record it separately and then add it using a third-party video editor, which isn’t particularly convenient.

The dubbing feature is not currently available in the latest YouTube beta for Android, and the platform hasn’t shared any official information about it. YouTube is also currently experimenting with a feature for repeating video chapters.

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