YouTube Music for Android gets “download” shortcut

In July last year, the YouTube Music app lost the handy “Mixtape offline” shortcut, but now the development team has introduced the “Download” shortcut as a replacement on Android.

The link is displayed with a long press on the YouTube Music icon, which causes it to appear just above the “Search” shortcut. Tapping it starts shuffling all downloaded songs, rather than just those of the automatic “Mixtape offline” playlist generated by smart downloads.

YouTube Music for Android gets “download” shortcut

The “download” shortcut appears to include all individually stored songs, albums and playlists for offline playback.

As with the other app shortcuts, the app can also be dragged to the home screen so you can start shuffle play more quickly, especially when offline, avoiding having to manually navigate to the “Downloads” section.

The new “Download” link has been spotted in YouTube Music versions 4.63 and 4.64 for Android and appears to have been widely distributed via a server-side update in the last few days.

Meanwhile the “Play mixtape offline” shortcut has never left the app for iOS which has just been updated with regards to icons, the library card and the playback screen.

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