YouTube Music for Android changes UI on tablets

The developer team of Google in the last year he has worked on optimizing his applications for tablets, foldable devices and other devices with a large display and YouTube Music is yet another application for which the Mountain View giant is planning to release a new UI dedicated to tablets.

How YouTube Music for Android interface changes

Last month the YouTube Music app on Android tablets and iPads was updated to show more content (like albums, playlists, etc.) on the home screen.

The cover has been reduced so that users can see more options in the carousel menus without the need to scroll (this applies to “Your Favorites” and “Listen Again” in the Home tab and “Recent Activities” in the Library): this is a remarkable improvement, especially when using YouTube Music in landscape orientation.

In addition, the development team has added margins around the screen to the interface, a feature that could make interaction on larger tablets more comfortable and may prove less suitable for smaller ones.

The YouTube Music team is keen to point out that this revamped user interface is only the first major update of a series of changes that will focus on the usability of the application on tablets.

These changes come at a rather “intense” moment for the mobile operating system of the Mountain View giant: next month, in fact, the stable version of Android 12L while just these days the Google developer team has released the first Developer Preview of Android 13 Tiramis├╣version that will bring with it further improvements to the experience of use on devices with large screens.

You can download the latest versions of YouTube Music for Android from APK Mirror (find the dedicated page here) or from the Google Play Store through the following badge:

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