YouTube is working on a new button for YouTube Music

After launching a new UI for the video player, the YouTube team is working on another useful feature.

An analysis of the code contained in the APK file of the YouTube app for Android reveals that the developers are building a dedicated button to switch to YouTube Music directly from within the YouTube app.

YouTube for Android tests the new “Listen with YouTube Music” button

A string found in the YouTube for Android 17.05.33 beta code suggests that the app may soon offer a new “Listen with YouTube Music” button which would be useful for example to go directly to the YouTube Music app when you prefer to listen to a audio track without watching its video.

This will be much more convenient than exiting the YouTube app, opening the YouTube Music app and then searching for the song, and within YouTube Music it will be easier to find other music by the same artist or genre.

At the moment we don’t know anything else about the “Listen with YouTube Music” button, not even where it will be placed in the interface, but it is likely that sooner or later it will be implemented in the stable version of the app.

YouTube is also preparing a new feature that will allow users to loop video chapters and an option for voiceover in YouTube Shorts.

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