Youtube has updated the layout of the mobile player

Opening the Youtube app on a mobile device, Android or iOS, you may be faced with a surprise: the player redesigned with a new layout. We use the conditional as the update may not already be available for all users, but in Italy we confirm that it has already arrived.

The Youtube mobile player comes with a more minimalist layout, as can be seen from the screenshots, with the buttons, depending on availability, shown as follows:
– at the top right of the player the buttons: continuous playback on / off, broadcast, subtitles, settings;
– top left: title of the video and channel of origin
– bottom left: Like, Dislike, Comments box on / off, Add to list, Share
– bottom right: Other Videos box

Youtube has recently updated its player also on desktop but here the changes have been few. The updated layout on the mobile app, on the other hand, has received more important changes, particularly in the style of the button design. Furthermore, the new mobile layout of the player is very intuitive and functional, as in a single screen it allows access to all the tools that the service makes available in relation to the video being played.

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