YouTube brings the repeat button to TVs

There are many users who exploit YouTube to play content in the background while you are engaged in something else and a new feature that the Google team is working on could prove to be very convenient for those who use their smart TV to that end.

In recent months, the Mountain View giant has introduced a native “loop” button in its video player on the Web but not everyone accesses the platform through the browser and for this reason it seems that the YouTube team is about to do the same for the ‘application dedicated to smart TVs.

A new feature is coming to YouTube for TV

In particular, according to the reports of some users, Google would have introduced a repeat option on YouTube apps dedicated to both PlayStation 5 and NVIDIA Shield TV, displayed as an icon within the usual settings line.

Here’s what the new button looks like:

At the moment it seems that this new option is available only for a small group of users and only on some devices but this should not be too surprising, as often the team of the Mountain View giant implements the new features slowly, starting with a few accounts, so as to detect any bugs and have general indications on their effectiveness.

This new feature will be particularly appreciated by those who love to play certain content (an example could be the favorite song of the moment, a virtual fireplace or a funny clip), as it requires the single press of a button to start a loop endless.

At present there is no information on when the option for repeating videos will be made available to all users and every device but it is likely that the wait is not going to last for very long.

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