YouPol is the app of the State Police to combat cyberbullying

Today, 7 February 2022, is the National day against bullying and cyberbullying and the State Police he wanted to emphasize a technological tool that could really make a difference in countering cyberbullying: the application YouPol.

Just yesterday we told you how Italian children are more and more often real victims of their smartphones, which if on the one hand they offer access to a lot of information and possibilities from the palm of their hand, on the other hand they (over) expose them to non-behavioral behaviors. always correct on social networks, as well as the proliferation of fake news and above all the dangers of cyberbullying.

YouPol: how the State Police app works

In a hyper-connected world in which even bullying acts are now consumed most often online, it is essential to exploit the means that technology offers to combat these problems. Come in here YouPolthe application of the State Police – available for download for anyone who wishes -, which allows you to make reports of bullying and cyberbullying crimes even anonymously. Here are some pictures of the application.

The State Police defines it as an “extra tool to fight together these subtle forms of abuse which, if not taken in time, can cause serious damage to the victim of the crime”. The app also allows you to report cases of drug dealing. drugs and domestic violence.

How to download the application

The YouPol application is available for free download on the Google Play Store and you can download it by clicking on the badge below.

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