Xiaomi obtains the certification from TRUSTe in the privacy field

Xiaomi announced that it has received certification from TRUSTe, a subsidiary of the US company TrustArc, which confirms that the company’s products comply with the EU privacy rules outlined in the GDPR. Xiaomi is the first Chinese company ever to obtain this certification.

Xiaomi’s vice president and chairman of Xiaomi’s security and privacy committee, Cui Baoqiu, commented on the certification Xiaomi received from TRUSTe stating that the company regularly engages with credible institutions globally to ensure that privacy is protected. of Xiaomi users continue to improve and improve.

Over the years, Chinese smartphones have been the subject of criticism in the privacy field, with allusions to the fact that they do not protect that of users. The National Cyber ​​Security Center of Lithuania recently claimed that Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G integrates censorship functionality.

Xiaomi products comply with the EU privacy rules outlined in the GDPR

TRUSTe’s certification should reassure people who are considering purchasing a Xiaomi device. While the brand isn’t as cheap as some lesser-known Chinese brands, Xiaomi has a good offer, especially in the mid-range.

The certification received could improve Xiaomi’s market in the Old Continent since according to the new report by Counterpoint Research Xiaomi is no longer able to sell many smartphones in Europe.

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