Xiaomi launches a gas water heater

Xiaomi it is not only famous for its countless smartphones that it places on the market, but also for other gadgets that it often enjoys throwing (have you seen this mini lamp?). The Chinese giant today presented a truly original water heater.

Xiaomi’s water heater provides instant hot water

Is called MIJIA Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater S1, and it is the company’s first water heater gas to cold water. The main strength of the product is that users will not have to wait for the water to heat up as this water heater provides instant hot water. The device has a 18L and preheats the water, including that in the tube. This guarantees the hot water flow when the shower is on. The heater also has a precision constant temperature control system ± 0.5.

The installation of the device will not require homeowners to change the pipes that will provide the hot water, and it can be installed either with or without a pipe. The water heater Uses DC variable frequency water pump and supports different modes of increase which can be selected according to the required water demand.

It also comes with three main elements of temperature control, can provide real-time detection of water temperature changes. The temperature difference is carefully controlled at 0.5 ° C foreseeing possible changes in the temperature of the water during switching on and off, which is regulated together with the air in an equal portion.

Xiaomi launches a 1 gas water heater

Segmented fire and temperature control are also more precise. When the water temperature request is low and therefore set to a maximum of 35 °, low firepower is automatically used. When the demand is high, it automatically switches to high firepower to satisfy the demand.

The device supports four bathing modes including washing for adults (43), comfortable washing (41), washing for children (39) and kitchen use (36). There is also support for the interconnection of various devices throughout the house. Xiaomi MIJIA Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater S1 in fact it can be linked to smart locks, human sensors and other devices to customize the bathroom scene you want.

Xiaomi launches a gas water heater 2

Intended for the Chinese market, it has an initial price of 2,399 yuan (about 332 euros), but is now on presale at 1.999 yuan (about 277 euros). Unlikely, like most products of this kind, it will reach our market. In case you want to take a look at it anyway, we leave you the link for the purchase.

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