Xbox Family Settings manages parental controls from the app

Xbox Family Settings is a parental control application that offers parents the ability to monitor the gaming habits of younger players on consoles Xbox to prevent them spending too much time with their favorite video games.

The tool allows parents to manage in real time from their smartphone the main rules to prevent their children from abusing video games, such as limiting the hours of screen activity for each day of the week, setting filters for content and monitoring the circle their friendships by choosing who they can communicate with on Xbox Live (nobody, just friends, anyone).

To remotely manage the videogame activity of the little ones, simply add them to your family account, after which the parent will also have the option of obtaining daily and weekly activity reports, however also the children will be able to forward requests to their guardians to increase the hours of videogame activity.

Xbox Family Settings It is available for Android for free without in-app purchases, but is currently still under development, so it may have some bugs.

The app asks for permissions to access identities, contacts, phone, device ID and call data, photos, media and files and is reachable in the Play Store from Google using the badge you find below.

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