Wombo is the new deepfake app that makes selfies sing

Wombo is an AI-based lip sync application that offers the ability to animate a face image so that it “sings” a selected song to create funny memes.

It is a tool based on deepfake technology that allows you to select a selfie or a photo from the gallery, choose a piece of music and wait for the result: hilarious, bizarre and sometimes disturbing videos ready to go viral.

The Wombo app generates hilarious singing memes

The app offers various hit songs whose choreographies are applicable to anything even vaguely similar to a face and at the end of the processing it offers the possibility to save or send the meme immediately.

For best results, the app suggests keeping the camera at eye level and staring at it, as well as avoiding showing your teeth.

The premium version allows you to speed up the time required for meme processing, also allows access to exclusive content and removes advertising.

Wombo is available for Android free of charge supported by advertisements and optional in-app purchases necessary to unlock the premium version at a cost of 4.79 euros per month or 30.99 euros per year. Below you will find the badge to track the application in Play Store from Google.

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