with integration with Oppo, OxygenOS and ColorOS will combine in a unified system

Since when OnePlus has announced its integration with Oppo, many fans of the two brands are eager to learn more about the future, especially OnePlus. In a new post on the official OnePlus online community, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau shared some updates on the future of OnePlus explaining how his company has been working hard over the past few months to chart the new future strategy on how to make the most of more resources. available and create better products and experience for users.

First of all, with integration with Oppo, OnePlus has entered the OnePlus 2.0 phase. Speaking of which, Pete said: “I believe we are now a more mature and reliable technology brand that continues to bring high quality products to users around the world in the same ‘Never Settle’ spirit as before.”. Since Pete took over as Oppo’s Chief Product Officer last June, he has overseen product strategies for OnePlus and Oppo’s software and hardware products for nearly a year. Regarding this, Pete said: “I am happy to see that the product philosophy that you all know – fast and smooth, and burdenless – can be applied to all Oppo and OnePlus product lines, as well as to OxygenOS and ColorOS. I have always appreciated the unique and global identity. of the OnePlus brand. And as a product clerk, I really appreciate that so many of our users love technology and want to try new technologies as soon as possible. This is what makes OnePlus who we are, so when I get down to product planning, I always want to make sure I create fast, smooth, and cost-free products that are tailored to meet the needs of our core users. ”

OnePlus will focus on local markets, although it will continue to launch phones in the global market.
In terms of product portfolio strategy, OnePlus can expect mass product launches locally, while higher-end products globally. Speaking of which, Pete said: “We have introduced some new series of products regionally since last year, which have received very positive feedback from the market. Based on the growth and success we achieved last year, we will continue to offer users an experience of high quality at multiple price points, coupled with even more competitive pricing. More importantly, our most affordable product ranges will become more localized in the future, while continuing to offer our flagship premium and ultra-premium smartphones globally. “

Improving smartphone photography will remain a priority for OnePlus.
As OnePlus fans may have noticed, starting last year the company began to focus more on developing a premium photo experience through the smartphone, including through the OnePlus partnership with Hasselblad for leading products. OnePlus has plans to double its commitment to developing advanced smartphone cameras in the future, specifically in 3 areas: creating a better photo and video user experience, improving color performance together with Hasselblad, and investing in research and development. development of a range of new and improved technologies that will take the camera experience to new levels for users.

Unified operating system for global devices from Oppo and OnePlus.
As for the future of OxygenOS, the Android-based operating system used on OnePlus smartphones, when planning the update to Android 12 for Oppo (via Color OS 12) and OnePlus (via Oxygen OS 12) phones, the respective development teams have begun to work on the same code base. With the integration of the codebase, over time the two teams have seen that the two operating systems have gradually converged in terms of fundamental user experience. Therefore, it was decided to join the OxygenOS and ColorOS development teams for planning the future unique software experience on OnePlus and Oppo devices. Therefore, there is a unified operating system, also based on Android, for both OnePlus and Oppo devices.

This is Pete’s statement regarding the unified operating system for OnePlus and Oppo devices: “I’d like to start by sharing more information on integrating the Oxygen OS 12 and Color OS 12 codebase. When planning for Android 12 last year, the two teams have already begun sharing a more similar research for the experience. software: fast and smooth, simple and stable. With the integration of the codebase, the quality of OxygenOS 12 has improved and software updates are becoming more timely. And more generally, over time we have seen that the two operating systems have gone away away converging in terms of fundamental user experience. Creating the best possible product experience for our users has always been our goal in everything we do, and with more resources as a larger and more integrated organization, we believe we can still offer more more to our users by adapting our approach to the software. Therefore, after careful consideration, we decided to join the OxygenOS and ColorOS teams to plan together with the future software experience. (…) By combining our software resources to focus on a unified and updated operating system for OnePlus and Oppo devices globally, we will combine the strengths of both in an even more powerful operating system: the fast, fluid experience and without the burden of OxygenOS and the stability and rich functionality of ColorOS.

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