WindTre presents the NeoConnessi educational game on the occasion of Safer Internet Day

On the occasion of the Safer Internet Day 2022 (February 8)WindTre presented and introduced the new educational game NeoConnecteddeveloped to help young people to use the Internet safely. Conceived as a coding game through which to teach the theoretical bases of computer programming and computational thinking to children and at the same time transfer important educational messages on the subject of digital citizenship to them, this game enriches the digital and media education project. NeoConnected with which the company led by Jeffrey Hedberg has been engaged for years in promoting the conscious and responsible use of the Internet and technology.

The gameplay of NeoConnessi focuses on the presence of a labyrinth, formed by a chessboard with 25 squares, from which to exit the player must answer 25 questions developed on the key themes of the NeoConnessi project and consistent with the principles of Safer Internet Day: digital education on the risks and opportunities of the web, the safe use of the Internet and devices, digital responsibility and cyberbullying.

This edugame was created by professor Alessandro Bogliolo, coding ambassador and coordinator of Europe Code Week, and co-designed with La Fabbrica, who oversaw the contents. WindTre has made the NeoConnessi edugame available to all schools in Italy, which can be downloaded from the website.

The schools participating in the WindTre NeoConnessi project – 7,000 with 14,000 grades of IV and V primary throughout Italy – were able to attend the presentation of the edugame on February 8 during a ‘vital outing’ in Pisa called “CodyTrip”, an educational experience to live with your class.

For Tommaso Vitali, WindTre Brand & B2C Marketing Director:
“The company confirms its commitment in the field of digital responsibility to enhance the opportunities that the Internet can offer if lived with awareness and with the necessary tools. On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, NeoConnessi is enriched with the new CodyMaze edugame and offers, once again in a pleasant and engaging way, to children, teachers and parents a moment of reflection on the importance of safe and aware browsing. A further step that underlines the company’s commitment to building a more sustainable future for everyone, and especially for the most vulnerable and exposed categories “.

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