WINDTRE MIA Phone Included: offers on these smartphones

WINDTRE customers looking for bargains and looking for a new smartphone pay attention, because one of the most awaited offers has just returned: Smartphone Operation Included it allows you to pay just the advance and get one 100% discount on installments due.

WINDTRE Smartphone Operation Included with “My Phone Included” campaigns

As explained at the beginning, the new WINDTRE offer consists of a 100% discount on the installments, so that customers will be required to pay only the amount due by way of advance for the smartphone purchased from i physical points of sale operator. The offer will be valid until February 9, 2022 and while stocks last.

Before getting caught up in easy enthusiasm, there is an important clarification that needs to be made: the promotion is not open to everyone, but limited only to customers who fall within a specific target. It is about the already customers WINDTRE Rechargeable Voice and Internet that are active for a minimum of six months (180 days) with an offer with a monthly cost starting from € 9.99, which have been selected as part of the promotional campaigns “MY Phone Included“.

The sale in installments has a duration of 24/30 months with a monthly charge on SDD or CDC and for each installment charged a discount of the same amount is applied to the monthly cost of the rechargeable offer active and combined with the installment. For the sale in installments there is an activation cost of 4.99 euros.

Having said that, let’s move on to the complete list of Android smartphones that target customers will be able to buy with 100% discounted INSTALLMENTS:

  • Samsung Galaxy A12 128GB with advance of 99.99 euros (here is our review)
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 64 GB with an advance of 89.99 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB with an advance of 69.99 euros
  • Redmi Note 10 5G with an advance of 99.99 euros (here is our comparison with Realme 8 5G)
  • Redmi 10 128 GB with an advance of 99.99 euros (here is our review)
  • Redmi 10 64 GB with an advance of 89.99 euros
  • OPPO A54s with an advance of 99.99 euros
  • Realme C25Y with an advance of 89.99 euros
  • OPPO A16s with advance of 69.99 eur0
  • I live Y21 with an advance of 69.99 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s with an advance of 59.99 euros (here is the our review)
  • ZTE Blade A51 with an advance of 29.99 euros.

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