Why content creators should choose an RTX Notebook with Studio drivers

There is a sector that has grown rapidly in recent years, it is that of content creators. Are the content creators of various social and non-social platforms, we go from the professional of the 3D sector, animators, graphic designers, from the Youtuber to the Twitch Streamer, without forgetting those who work with 2D images or those who express their ideas through music or a podcast. It is a category that no longer makes divisions of any kind, a creator can be a professional or a simple amateur but what unites them all is not only the desire to create but to do it with ever better tools.

Although there are excellent creators who can do everything with a smartphone, many manage to reach a new level of quality of their work by choosing the best notebook for their needs. If a professional in the sector already knows where to look in terms of hardware power, a creator is more dynamic and is always looking for the notebook or PC that will save him time while also raising the quality of his work.

RTX notebooks with NVIDIA Studio are the solution

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Finally, professionals and content creators can work with machines that are not only very powerful from the hardware point of view but also extremely optimized. The optimization and reliability of the software were features given away to very few working stations that could count on specific certifications but now, thanks to NVIDIA’s Studio driver, anyone who chooses to entrust their workflow to RTX notebooks will enjoy an unparalleled type of acceleration.

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX cards have the great advantage of being able to count on RT Core and Tensor Core in combination with very fast dedicated RAM cuts. The second generation RT Cores are the best for all jobs where rendering time is essential but not only, they can also deal with real-time processing and manage all calculations in ray tracing, one of the most complex operations to manage for who creates in 3D. The third generation Tensor Cores are able to intelligently accelerate several operations, by intelligent way we mean precisely AI, Artificial Intelligence that deals with the impacting operations of images, 3D calculations, videos and even the audio field.

If all this is not enough the NVIDIA Studio suite includes not only dedicated Studio drivers (tested and certified with all the best creative software on the market) but also dedicated software such as NVIDIA Broadcast (one of the most powerful tools for managing live shows with a lot of AI functions), NVIDIA Texure Tools and the ‘inevitable GeForce Experience not only useful for gamers but also for creatives.

Apps accelerated by GeForce RTX with Studio drivers

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The world of creators is always in constant evolution and with them even development software improves and changes. For this reason, we often find ourselves with a notebook that is no longer able to properly support the workflow, it may happen that some new applications require more power or different specifications.

Pointing to a notebook equipped with a GeForce RTX graphics card allows you to be sure, even before buying it, that you will be able to access a series of professional applications accelerated by the GPU. Image creators such as photographers, digital artists or even Instagrammers will be able to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom with neural filters such as Smart Portrait, Super Resolution, Intelligent Sharpness or AI Enhance Details on RAW files. In reality, for those who work with images there are also many other optimizations.

For video editors, there is truly an enviable choice. In Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects there is CUDA rendering which greatly speeds up the export of videos, even the management of effects, timeline and reframing via AI is very convenient. But we are not only talking about Adobe suite but also about DaVinci Resolve with GPU-accelerated color grading and many AI features like SpeedWarp for smooth slow motion and automatic face recognition for the tag. Even those who use Vegas Pro are covered and if you want to move to an even more professional sector, Redcine X Pro is also optimized with Studio drivers to allow the processing of 8K RAW files without any type of conversion or generation of proxies.

Definitely changing the bank, those who create with Autodesk Revit, D5 Render, Enscape and Sketchup are definitely at an advantage thanks to the acceleration of the GeForce RTX. This is real time ray tracing for architectural 3D modeling and also for virtual reality with everything that the future puts in front of us like the inflated Metaverse. In reality, those who take advantage of the studio drivers for 3D can also benefit from NVIDIA Omniverse which connects multi-app workflows with dedicated imports and exports to manage work flows between different apps in real time without incompatibility or having to find workarounds, definitely suitable for who works with Unreal Engine, Rhino, Autodesk Maya, Blender, 3DS Max and so on.

It shouldn’t be new but it should be emphasized that precisely for those who do 3D animation, there is nothing better than a GeForce RTX with Studi’s driveror. NVIDIA has been a leader in this industry for years and has virtually any type of optimization with all popular software on the market such as TwinMotion, V-Ray, Unity, Cinema 4D, Arnold, Adobe Designer, Painter and Sampler.

Streaming sector but already rich in tools is that of streaming which in addition to the optimizations NVIDIA Boadcast can count on improvements for OBS with the possibility of stream or record while gaming without performance drops, same thing is also true for StreamLabs and XSplit. There are also AI-based plugins to keep automatic tracking on the subject always in the center of the frame or others for noise reduction of both the video and audio track. How not to mention one of the favorite effects of those who stream, background removal without green screen or the blur effect that simulates high quality cameras with open lenses.

How are RTX notebooks with Studio drivers – MSI

Why content creators should choose an RTX Notebook with Studio 1 drivers

Looking at the capabilities of RTX Studio notebooks for creators, one might mistakenly think that they are a bit like working stations, large, thoughtful and not too portable machines. In fact, thanks to the enormous progress in the production process of NVIDIA graphics cards, the power of GeForce RTX 3050, GeForce RTX 3060, GeForce RTX 3070 and GeFroce 3080 can now be integrated into thin and elegant notebooks.

Practical example with MSI’s Creator Z16, it is an elegant but very powerful notebook. Under the shell hides a Core i9 11900H with GeForce RTX 3060 at full power capable not only of helping all creators to express themselves at their best but also of letting themselves pass more than a whim when they want to distract from work with RTX and DLSS.

It has a huge 16 ″ QHD + and 120 Hz display with 100% DCP-P3 and a Delta-E <2, all on a 16:10 aspect ratio perfect for working with plenty of space available for the most demanding applications , always being able to count on a pixel density suitable for any need (among other things, the display is available both in the version with touch support and without).

To handle the Core i9 11900H and GeForce RTX 3060 with Studio drivers, MSI has developed the Cooler Boost Trinity +, a heat dissipation system with 3 fans, 5 heat pipes and, of course, radiators. A great system capable of always maintaining high performance without dropping it in too high temperatures or an annoying fan noise.

No sacrifice on the number of ports available which are fundamental for a creator, there is even Thunderbolt 4 to connect an external GeForce RTX and increase performance even more in the workplace. In reality the Thunderbolt 4 are 2, there are also 2 USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A, the combo audio jack and the much appreciated MicroSD input.

Backlit keyboard in collaboration with SteelSeries, audio edited by Dynaudio with Hi-Res Audio, Wi-Fi 6E and last but not least, the 90 Wh battery module, one of the largest batteries that can be inserted in a notebook for be in compliance with the law.

MSI Creator Z16 Core i9 touchscreen available at 3099 Euros on Amazon Italy

Why rely on an RTX notebook with Studio drivers?

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A question that may seem trivial but in reality it is not at all. Content creators, digital artists and professionals are very dynamic figures, always looking for a new frontier of creativity. Aim for a notebook with GeForce RTX and Studio drivers not only does it make accessible the whole ecosystem described above but does not place limits on what you can create with your own work machine.

Having the certainty of always being able to ask that something extra from your RTX notebook allows you to experiment in multiple sectors, allows you to create new ideas, allows you to mix various professional fields and generate unpublished content ready for the future. All guaranteed by machines with enviable hardware power and high quality standards, there are many business notebooks, few are truly able to satisfy any type of request 100%.

Whatever the art industry, a notebook with NVIDIA Studio drivers allows maximum coverage. We go from the simple Instagrammer to the creator of NFT, from the video editor for Youtube to the 3D animator of the most famous production companies. There is flexibility in notebooks with GeForce RTX, they are suitable for professionals and at the same time they are a springboard for those who are entering the creative sectors.

Among other things, the hardware configurations of notebooks with NVIDIA Studio are always well tailored to specific needs. Those who know not to have to make a film production can also choose not to rely on a GeForce RTX 3080 and perhaps aim for a more budget friendly solution such as a GeForce RTX 3060, but always having all the GPU acceleration and AI functions available. higher-end models can offer. After all, these are work tools, every creative must find his workflow but everyone will have access to Studio optimizations that really make a difference.

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