Where to find and how to know the SAR values ​​of the smartphone

We know how important it is know the SAR values ​​of a smartphone and therefore we want to reveal a trick to do it without having to go looking for manuals and sites online or having to leaf through increasingly confusing paper manuals.

It is difficult, and not a little, today to be able to find the SAR values ​​of a smartphone, especially if it has just been launched on the market, but with this trick it is a breeze to discover them because it is sufficient to type a code into the telephone keypad to see them appear.

How to find out the SAR values ​​of the smartphone

So, just open the phone keypad of the smartphone (it would be the application for making calls, also called dialer) and enter the code * # 07 #: once this is done, a screen will automatically open, called Regulatory labels, Legal and regulatory notices or something like that, in which the SAR values ​​of the smartphone are specified, in addition to the model code and the manufacturer.

The screen shows the SAR values ​​of all the countries in which the smartphone is sold and therefore also those relating to the European Union, in our case: it is thus possible to know the absorption rate for both the body and the head; the image above shows the SAR values ​​of a Google Pixel 5, for example.

Just type a short code then to find out and see the SAR values ​​(which stands for Specific Absorption Rate) of the smartphone, whether it be from Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, POCO, Redmi, HONOR, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, ASUS, Vivo and Sony. For more information on SAR, please refer to this page.

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