WhatsRemoved + intercepts deleted messages in social apps

WhatsRemoved + is an application that allows you to detect everything that has been deleted from conversations via social apps.

While the original application focused solely on detecting messages removed from Whatsapp, the new version is aimed at all messaging applications and also social like Instagram.

WhatsRemoved + detects deleted messages and files in social apps

On first launch you will be able to select the application and folders you want to monitor, as long as you do not violate the terms of service. In this way WhatsRemoved + will not save all notifications, but only those whose applications have been manually selected.

If it detects the removal of a text or content, the app sends a notification so that you can know if a message or a file has been deleted. The interface will show a tab for each application with the history of the removed items.

Like the previous version, WhatsRemoved + does not send user information to external servers, but saves it locally on the smartphone.

The developer has created a configurable installation tool packed with learning algorithms that can be tailored to the needs of each user, saving only what they really need.

WhatsRemoved + is available for Android free of charge supported by removable advertisements with an optional in-app purchase of € 1.19.

The app asks for permissions to access photos, media and files and is trackable nel Play Store from Google using the badge you find below.

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