WhatsApp is a great application, despite its reputation.

According to a test conducted by Stiftung Warentest on various messaging services, it appears that Whatsapp despite its not excellent reputation, it is a more than valid instant messaging application; let’s see the test results together.

WhatsApp defends itself well against the competition

The test in question was done by doing evaluations concerning the functions, the setting of the service, its use and the protection of the privacy; of all the candidates, the first place was awarded to Signal with a score of 2.3, just before Skype. Before the application owned by A halfwith a score of 2.5 and 2.6 respectively also Viber and Line, despite this also WhatsApp receives a score of 2.6, earning fifth place in the ranking, much better than other tested competitors. The fact that most of all positively influenced on the positioning of WhatsApp, it concerns the service of conversation encryption, always active by default automatically; on the other hand to influence negatively, there is the metadata evaluation policy by the parent company Meta. Here is the final ranking, result of the tests:

  • Signal – 2.3
  • Skype – 2.5
  • Viber – 2.5
  • Line – 2.6
  • WhatsApp – 2.6
  • Discord – 2.7
  • WeChat – 2.8
  • Facebook Messenger – 3.0
  • Conversations – 3.1
  • Threema – 3.1
  • Snapchat – 3.3
  • Google Hangouts – 3.6
  • Kik – 4.1

As you can see from the ranking, a famous application is missing, often referred to as the best alternative to Meta’s competing service, we are talking about Telegram; the service in question did not get an evaluation due to a business model “too shady. Other services such as Google Chat, Google Messages and iMessage of Apple. In short, despite the frequent denigration by the community towards WhatsApp, on balance, this can boast of being one of the best instant messaging applications.

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