WhatsApp, chat transfer from iPhone to Android now possible

Since the birth of Whatsapp, some types of data including the chat history of the popular instant messaging service were impossible to transfer when switching from an iPhone to an Android device. Recently, Samsung has introduced the ability to transfer all WhatsApp chat history from iOS to a Samsung phone running Android 10 or later. Now, Google has announced that in Android 12the latest iteration of its mobile operating system, has added the ability to transfer all essentials from your old iPhone to your new Android phone via a cable, regardless of the brand of the new phone – as long as it runs Android 12 or a Google Pixel phone.

Subject to user permission, Android 12 can automatically install the same apps installed in the old iPhone on the new Android phone, if available on Google Play, and also allows you to easily transfer SMS and message history, along with photos, videos, contacts, calendars and more. But there’s even more: it also allows you to transfer WhatsApp chat history from your old iPhone to your new Android phone. From today, therefore, those who switch from an old iPhone to a new Android phone (12+), a Samsung phone (with Android 10+) or Pixel can safely transfer the chat history and memories of their WhatsApp account to the new phone. Google has worked closely with the WhatsApp team to make this possible.

What you need when you activate your new Android phone (12+) by switching from an old Apple iPhone to transfer your Whatsapp account data is a “USB-C to Lightning” cable for to start. You have to connect the two phones via this cable and, when prompted during the configuration of the new Android device, you have to scan the QR code displayed on the iPhone screen to start WhatsApp and move all conversations, multimedia contents (photos and videos included) and more on the new Android device.

Google ensures that WhatsApp data is transferred securely between the two phones. The Android team behind the development of this data transfer tool worked closely with WhatsApp to ensure that data remains secure throughout the transfer process, so that no one else can access your WhatsApp information and files. personal. The WhatsApp chat history is simply copied from the old iPhone to the new Android phone and during and at the end of the transfer process the Whatsapp app is disabled when receiving new messages on the old device to avoid the loss of incoming messages during the transfer and not read yet.

This Whatsapp data transfer feature is available on Samsung Galaxy devices (running Android 10+), all Pixel phones, and new Android smartphones that boot with Android 12.

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