WhatsApp Beta the news of the update

The work of the development team of Whatsapp aimed at improving this popular multi-platform instant messaging service and in the past few hours a new version has been released beta of the app dedicated to devices Android: we are talking about the version

What’s new in version of WhatsApp beta for Android

A few weeks ago in one of the various beta versions released the ability to pause and restart voice recordings was introduced but with version it was disabled for everyone for no apparent reason.

Well, with version of WhatsApp Beta for Android, the possibility of pausing and restarting the recording of voice messages returns for some users.

With this version of the app, a feature introduced with the release is also disabled: we refer to the preview when sharing images and videos as documents, which with this new beta does not seem to work anymore.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no information on when these functions, still in evident testing phase, will be made available to all users through their implementation in a future stable version of the messaging app. In any case, there will probably be patience for a few more weeks.

How to download the new beta version of the app

If you want to try version of WhatsApp Beta for smartphones based on the Google mobile operating system, you have the possibility to do so through the Google Play Store, by subscribing to the beta testing channel (you can find the page dedicated to this program by following this link).

Those who have not been able to sign up for the beta program but would like to try this version of the messaging app anyway can do so by manually installing the relative APK file, which can be downloaded from APK Mirror (find the dedicated page following this link).

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