WhatsApp Beta here are the news

The development team of Whatsapp has recently released WhatsApp Beta for subscribers to the Beta Program of the popular messaging app: in the latest beta version, a small novelty is introduced that offers new alternatives in interacting with telephone numbers in WhatsApp chats.

The update comes at the height of a very busy week for the development team, punctuated by the announcement of many new features for everyone, such as the new tools for voice messages (we talked about them in this article), and by the introduction of several under the hood improvements (such as the test on sharing huge media files and various fixes and optimizations).

WhatsApp Beta here are the news

WhatsApp Beta introduces a small novelty or, better, a small improvement in the interaction with the telephone numbers present in chat (sent or received as a text message). At the moment, when in WhatsApp you tap on a phone number sent or received in a text message, the application redirects to the system default dialer.

With the novelty introduced, however, by tapping on a phone number, a new menu will appear that will provide the user with alternatives to interact with this number: in the event that it is a phone number not registered on WhatsApp, the the user can choose to call the number (the only operation possible so far) or to add the number to their contacts; in the case of a number registered on WhatsApp, in addition to the two already described, there will be the possibility to chat with that phone number. The image below is quite eloquent.

The new menu for interacting with phone numbers is being gradually released to all WhatsApp beta testers and will arrive in the future on the stable branch of the application. Although the Of WhatsApp Beta is the one marked as compatible with this new feature, some beta testers would have reported its presence already on previous versions (always of the beta program).

How to download the new version of WhatsApp Beta

To test the novelty contained in the version of WhatsApp Beta for smartphones based on Google’s Android system, you can proceed through the Google Play Storeby subscribing to the Beta Program (you can find the page dedicated to the program by following this link).

If the Beta Program was temporarily full but you still have the curiosity to try out the latest versions of Whatsappyou can proceed with the manual installation of the related APK files, downloadable from the portal APK Mirror (whose dedicated page can be reached by following this link).

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