WhatsApp Beta Reactions ever closer

The development team of WhatsApp for Android has released, in the past few hours, a new update for subscribers to the Beta Program of the hugely popular messaging app. From the news contained in the version of WhatsApp Beta for Androidit would appear that the release of the Reactions be closer and closer.

Next steps for the Reactions in WhatsApp Beta version

Whatsapp has been working for some time on the implementation of Reactions (reactions), the possibility of “reacting” to a message with 6 predefined possibilities (ok, heart, laughter, amazement, sadness and prayer). The functionality, which incorporates the one present in Facebook (other app of the group A half), it was shown for the first time (by mistake) in version of WhatsApp Beta, without ever being officially released, not even on the beta channel of the app.

In version of WhatsApp Beta, then, the specialized portal WaBetaInfo had discovered the presence of a setting to manage notifications relating to the receipt of Reactions to their messages, not visible even to subscribers to the beta program of the messaging app.

This setting is now active for those who will install the version of WhatsApp Beta, as you can see from the following image.

From the settings on WhatsApp notifications it will therefore be possible to enable or disable notifications relating to Reactions: if activated, the user will receive a notification if a reaction is added to a message sent by him.

Unfortunately, the Reactions are not yet active on WhatsApp Beta: is this a senseless choice by the development team or is it the prelude to an imminent release, at least on the beta channel of the app, of the Reactions? We’ll see.

How to download the new beta version of the app

To test the new features introduced by the version of WhatsApp Beta for system-based smartphones Android Google, you can proceed through the Google Play Storeby signing up for the Beta Program (and you can find the page dedicated to the program by following this link).

If the Beta Program is temporarily full but you would like to try out the latest versions of Whatsappjust proceed with the manual installation of the related APK files, downloadable from the portal APK Mirror (whose dedicated page can be reached by following this link).

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