WhatsApp Beta the news of the update

The work of the developers of Whatsapp aimed at improving this popular instant messaging service and in the past few hours a new version has been released beta the application dedicated to smartphones Android: we are talking about the version

What’s new in WhatsApp Beta version for Android

In recent months it has emerged that the WhatsApp team has decided to give more prominence to the communities and among the innovations it is working on there is also the functionality called “Community Home”, which should be introduced with a future update.

According to what we learn thanks to the staff of WABetaInfoit is a new section that contains all the groups connected to a given community:

In practice, thanks to the Community Home functionality, users who manage groups should be able to manage them better through some options (currently unknown).

This feature is still under development and there is no information on when it could be made available to all users through its implementation in a stable version of the app.

Furthermore, with the beta version of WhatsApp, support for two new languages ​​(Amharic and Somali) is introduced, thus exceeding 40.

How to download the new beta version of the app

If you want to try version of WhatsApp Beta for devices based on the Google mobile operating system, you have the possibility to do so through the Play Store, by subscribing to the beta testing channel (you can find the page dedicated to this program by following this link).

Those who have not managed to sign up for the beta program but still want to try out this version of the popular instant messaging app can do so by manually installing its APK file, which can be downloaded from APK Mirror (find the dedicated page following this link).

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