WhatsApp and scams: here’s a new one

Occasionally Whatsapp it becomes the tool chosen by the attacker on duty to try to score scams of various types and this because it is the most used instant messaging service globally.

And it is precisely the huge amount of WhatsApp users that makes this platform so “appetizing” for scammers, as the more people who use it, the easier it is to find potential victims (usually those who are less experienced in mobile technology or however, he is not used to paying too much attention to the type of messages he receives).

A new dangerous campaign is underway on WhatsApp

Well, a new danger for WhatsApp users comes in the form of one chain of Sant’Antonio which, according to what is learned, is spreading rather quickly: the message in question advertises an initiative (obviously non-existent) that includes 5,000 free Easter gift baskets by Milka (company that has nothing to do with the scam).

If users click on the link included in the message, they are “taken” to a Russian domain, with the consequent risk of subscribing to very expensive services or infecting their device with malware.

This is the link that WhatsApp users are receiving:

Obviously, the advice for users who receive this message is not to click on the included link. Furthermore, it is possible to report it to the messaging service team, in order to put it in a position to block its diffusion and try to track down those responsible (to do this simply hold down on the message with your finger, mark it and, through the three-way menu points, report it).

Those who receive this message should also warn the person who sent it that it is a scam, advising them not to share it with their contacts anymore.

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