What’s this ? Can we delete?

“Recently, while cleaning our computer before installing a new hard drive, we discovered a folder in C: Program called repl. So what is it and can you remove it? “

What is the REMPL folder and can I delete it?

Win 10 is a fairly complex operating system, with many background process, which allows it to function normally on your computer.

Many new features have been introduced with Win 10, notably a new component store, a new file formatting system, etc.

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The Repl file

You may have stumbled upon FILL in Win 10 file explorer, in ” Program Files ”. Continue reading to find out more, and if you can to delete of your system.

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What is the REMPL folder?

He contains important configuration files necessary for the normal functioning of Windows 10 and its update. You must have stumbled upon Windows update troubleshooter if the Windows components did not update.

He contains these files and folders, which are used by Windows 10 updates to ensure that all recent updates released by Microsoft for your system are installed on your PC without no error message.

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You can find many important components like:

  • Logs
  • CTAC.json
  • disktoast.exe
  • osrrb.exe
  • repl.xml
  • sedlauncher.exe
  • sedplugins.dll
  • sedsvc.exe
  • ServiceStackHardening.Inf
  • strgsnsaddons.dll
  • toastlogo.png
Components of the Repl folder

These files are digitally signed by Microsoft, which confirms that it is genuine Windows Update files. If you want to know more about the reliability of updates, here is a long explanation of Microsoft.

It is only found on some systems selected, and only on PCs that have reported issues updating their system to the latest version.

When you report Update issues, the troubleshooter is automatically downloaded on your device, which then scans your device for looking for any potential problem at the origin of the failure of the update and tries to solve it.

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REMPL folder a virus?

As mentioned earlier, it contains the components needed to update Windows on devices that have difficulties. It is not a virus, and the files are part of Microsoft’s reliability updates.

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