what it is for and how it works

Is called Shortwave and is a new solution specifically designed to make it easier and more enjoyable for users Gmail managing your own e-mail box, transforming that feeling of confusion experienced when opening the client due to the many messages to be read and organized into a distant memory.

In practice, Shortwave is based on the goal of helping users to send email smarter and fasterso you can be more productive, all with an overall more enjoyable experience.

Shortwave will probably be a solution welcomed with great favor by those who usually open their email client and find themselves literally “overwhelmed” by messages of all kinds, feeling a feeling of confusion.

How Shortwave works and what it offers

Despite the many features studied by the Gmail team to make the management of their inbox ever smarter, those who receive many emails every day, especially in the workplace, may find it difficult to manage them and Shortwave tries to help understand immediately for example what are the urgent emails or those that are still waiting for an answer.

This is possible thanks to an email redesign from scratchso users can stay focused on the really important content and have full control of their inbox.

Between functions of Shortwave there are the possibility to view urgent messages in the upper part of the client with a click, to sort the threads (including labels), a system that automatically groups related emails and allows you to act on them simultaneously, an interface clearer for discussions.

If we have piqued your curiosity and you want to try Shortwave, you can do it by going to the official website (which you can find by following this link), where you can log in with your Google account or download the desktop client for Windows or Mac computers.

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