What is YourPhone.exe? Should we delete it?

Today I discovered a process called YourPhone.exe in my task Manager. I do not remember to have installed a software or an application with this name.

I don’t have either received virus or malware warning from my updated Windows Defender. I decided to do some research ????

Your phone

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What is YourPhone.exe?

It vallows you to connect to your iOS iPhone or Android phone with your Windows 10 device. According to Microsoft :

According to the type of cell phone that you own, the application on Windows 10 allows you to connect to your iOS iPhone or Android phone and connect YourPhone.exe and your Pc for unlock a variety of cross-device experiences. (Android and iPhone)

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  • View recent photos on your PC. (Android only)
  • View and send text messages from your PC. (Android only)

From additional features are planned for the next versions of the application.

However, this has not changed since 2018. I checked functionality with my Android 8 phone, and I could only see text messages and photos on my Windows 10 device.

No WhatsApp or Telegram integration. No ability to make calls or manage remotely. So, for now, it’s unnecessary for me.

Application Your Phone

The application is installed default since Windows 1803. As long as you don’t have started the wizard, it will not appear in your task Manager.

Once you have started YourPhone, it will run in the background during your Windows session. Even when you close the app.

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He is a harmless program which uses barely less than 1% of processor capacity. The uninstalling the application will not improve the efficiency of a modern PC.

On the other hand, this application is a perfect tool for you. Therefore, we believe that the application should not be uninstalled.

The people who do not like this function will be able to uninstall it thanks to Windows 10 updates.
The same time, the “Your Phone” program can be deactivated if necessary.

  • To open the task manager
  • Search Yourphone.exe option in the tab Process, make a right click on it for complete the task
Finish the task of your phone
Complete the task

You will see here that he will not work under Win 10 and that it can work under Win with a lot of resources.

However, you can even ban your device from running on your desktop if you are worried that it will cause some problems. This way, without your permission, it will not run in the background.


  • Go to : Start> Settings> Privacy.
  • When the screen is displayed, look for the background apps option at the bottom left, then search for YourPhone.exe option right and just turn it off.
  • To have an impact, restart the pc.
Deactivate application Your phone
Disable application

You now have disabled history and you used Wind 10 resources. And you can activate it when you have need to access YourPhone.exe or from handle it on the computer.

It’s better to try to uninstall this app from your computer permanently, if your phone is corrupted through a virus and if he uses lots of CPU or disks.

He is a kind of ” Bloatware” , that is to say unwanted malware on a new computer from the manufacturer.

Microsoft introduced this functionality without user consent or without that it understands the operating system Win 10.

It does not affect the computer, because if you don’t use it, so you do not keep it in the system. See how the to delete from your computer.

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It is also possible to completely uninstall the app for all users:

  • Start Powershell as administrator
  • Type Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage
  • A notification informs you that the operation is in progress and disappears again.
  • Your phone is now uninstalled.
  • You can verify by typing Your Phone in the Windows search bar. The app will not be displayed in search results.
    Note: The application will be immediately deleted from your computer after executing this command. And you won’t see the history of its file.
Delete Your Phone
Delete the

Fortunately, in your new Windows 10 update, the Store offers you the possibility to reinstall it if you already have it totally deleted.

You just have to go to the Microsoft Store and search for the app. Click on the button ” To download ” for reinstall the application on your PC.

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YourPhone.exe using GPU

GPU stands for Graphical Processing Unit (graphics processing unit) which is used to move quickly and change memory to speed up the image in a framebuffer for output to a display device

This process that we perform background also uses GPUs. You can find the path of this file in C: Program Files WindowsApps Microsoft.YourPhone_1.0.20094.0_x64_8wekyb3bbwe YourPhone.exe.

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Is the Yourphone.exe process a virus?

As we have seen previously, it is software developed by Microsoft that has been included with the system since version 1803.

Therefore, Yourphone.exe is a legitimate system, not malicious software. The malware where the virus often hide in YourPhone.exe with the same name.

It is not about‘a virus or harmful programe. The file is normally located at the next place :

C: Program Files WindowsApps Microsoft

Browse the specific file and perform a system scan using Windows Defender or other powerful antivirus software.

This file, however, does not note that the set your disk or processor resources are iinfected and converted to malware which consumes your machine’s resources.

So it makes sense to ddeactivate this program or process. Moreover, if you still have doubts about the virus, here are some steps to check.

  • Open the task manager.
  • Done right click on YourPhone.exe on the page Details and select Open file location.
  • Then click with right mouse button on the file and select the option Scan with Windows Defender.
Open yourphone location
Open location

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If you accidentally have the uninstalled, you can reinstall it from the Windows store:

  • Click on To start up.
  • Open the Microsoft store.
  • Type YourPhone.exe in the search bar.
  • Click on Get to install it.
  • When finished, click To throw.

Download Your Phone

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