What is Virtualapp / Didlogical? Is it secure?

Virtualapp / didlogical is identification information which is stored when you use any of the products Windows Live, which may include:

Live Messenger, Live Mail, Live Connection Assistant, XP Mode and others microsoft services.

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Is Virtualapp / Didlogical secure?

Given that virtualapp / didlogical identifiers are created automatically and you will not be able to delete them, it will appear to be a malware which comes back on its own.

But fortunately, he is not at all malware.

This is’identification information legitimate and it is stored by Win every time you use any of the products Win Live.

So if you use any of the products Live like Live Messenger, Live Mail, Live Connection Assistant, and other Microsoft services.

These products will create this accreditation in your accreditation manager. It means you don’t have to worry about it.

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You can also easily remove the credential manager entry.

But, as mentioned above, it can come back on its own. If you do not want this product to appear in credential manager, you should then stop using the products Win Live.

The use of one d“Live” products will most likely trigger its launch and you will start to display again the virtualapp / didlogical.

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If you really want to remove the product, follow the next steps

  • Maintain the Win key and press R to launch the window execute
  • Type control panel and press Entrance
  • Click on User accounts
  • Click on ” Manage credentials
  • Select Windows credentials
  • Select virtualapp / didlogical
  • Click on To delete and follow any additional instructions on the screen
Remove virtualapp / didlogical in ID manager
Delete it in the identification manager

You should be good to go once it has been removed.

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Need help ! It recreates itself automatically!

Yes, if you continue to use Microsoft Live products, you will always have this entry.

The only solution is to uninstall products from Live and look for alternatives, but since it is not a security issue, there is absolutely no reason to do so.

Is there an entry you don’t know? Post the name below and we’ll check it out. Maybe we can put together a list of false positives.

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Advice : If you try to find a Windows share on Ubuntu, Make sure you delete all identifiers in order to avoid any problem with cached credentials.

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