What is HxTsr.exe? 6 Steps to Check and Repair

“Hxtsr.exe ” is a executable file developed by Microsoft Corporation for the Windows operating system. The latest version of the executable file found is 16 specifically available for Windows 10 operating system.

Well, in this article we are going to show you what ” hxtsr.exe And the appropriate approach to deal with it.

First off, here’s what you need to know about ” hxtsr.exe “:

  • It’s not spyware;
  • It is not considered to be adware or popup ;
  • It is not considered to be a virus or trojan ;
  • “Hxtsr.exe” is part of the Microsoft package and can be terminated;
  • You must not remove it from your system.

To find out if you should be concerned about its presence on your computer, follow the instructions below and find out more clearly:


♦ On your C drive, follow the path:

C: Program Files WindowsApps microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_17.7167.40721.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe ”hxtsr.exe”

Check if the ” hxtsr.exe Is located here.

  • ♦ If you can find it here, you don’t have to do anything. Leave it.
  • ♦ If you still have doubts, download the file from this site here: VirusTotal.com
  • ♦ Then press the button Scan to see if it contains unwanted elements.
  • ♦ If you have already deleted ” hxtsr.exe From your computer, here’s how to recover it:
  • On your keyboard, simultaneously press the keys Windows and X, then choose Command Prompt (Admin).
  • When prompted with administrator permission, click Yes to continue.
  • In the window Command Prompt, type the following command:

sfc / scannow

sfc / scannow command
sfc / scannow command
  • Make sure you haven’t made a typo and press Entrance.
  • Note that the System File Checker is a tool provided by Microsoft to help you detect missing and / or faulty system files and replace them with new ones. It will take some time to complete the operation.
  • You may need to restart for the changes to take effect.

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Malware which may be related to “hxtsr.exe”

Step 1: Control Panel

  • Simultaneously press ” Windows key + R key »To open the window Execute :
  • Enter “control panel” in the window Execute and press the key Entrance to open the control panel:
  • Click on Uninstall a program:
  • Right-click on the programs that can be linked to ” hxtsr.exe »And click on Uninstall :

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EStep 2: Remove malicious extensions which may be related to “hxtsr.exe”

You need to check your Chrome or Firefox extensions and remove any suspects.

Step 3: Find and Remove Malicious Registry Entries

Remark If an unwanted program, unwanted extension, or unwanted search engine cannot be manually deleted, it can be linked to a malicious program, which can add files to the register where to bring changes to the registry.

Therefore, to uninstall such difficult elementss, you will have to find and delete these associated files in L’Registry Editor. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Simultaneously press » Windows key + R key »To open the window Execute :
  • Enter ” regedit ” in the window Execute and press the key Entrance to open the registry:
  • Hold the keys Ctrl + F held down together to open the search box :
  • Type it virus name and click on To look for then :
  • Right click on the files and click To delete only if you can determine that they are part of infections:

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Step 4: Scan Using Microsoft Safety Scanner

If you want to check if the file ” hxtsr.exe ” is a virus or trojan, then I suggest you run a full scan using the Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Run a full scan using the Microsoft Safety Scanner and if some malicious files are detected, the software will notify you immediately. Delete it from your computer.

Microsoft Safety Scanner
Microsoft Safety Scanner

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Step 5: Update your system

Moreover, you can also try this method if the error persists. The only thing you have to do is update your operating system to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Step 6: (Optional) – Turn off web browser notifications and reset web browser settings

Remark This step should only be performed if your web browser problems were not resolved by the previous steps.

1. Turn off web browser notifications If windows unwanted still appear on the web browser, please try to disable notifications on all web browsers:

On Microsoft Edge

  • Launch Edge browser
  • Click on the button microsoft edge menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on ” Show advanced settings“.
  • Click on ” To manage ” under ” Notifications“.
  • Find the unwanted URL and click the X button (Wipe off) to remove the URL.

On Google Chrome:

  • Click on the button Three dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • Click on ” Settings “And Scroll down and click” advanced settings“.
  • Click on ” Site settings ” in the section Privacy and Security.
  • Click on ” Notifications“.
  • Click on Add, Type the URL link, click ” Add
Disable notifications for Google Chrome
Disable notifications for Google Chrome

On Firefox:

  • To throw Firefox
  • Click on the button Menu (three bars) in the upper right corner and Select ” Options“.
  • Click on ” Privacy and Security On the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to ” Permissions “And Click on the” Settings ” beside ” Notifications
  • Find the unwanted URL and click the drop-down menu and select ” To block
Disable notifications for firefox
Disable notifications for firefox

On Internet Explorer

  • To throw IE
  • Click on the button Settings in the upper right corner and Select ” Internet options“.
  • Click on the ” Confidentiality “And click on” Settings ” in the section ” Pop-up Blocker Settings “.
  • Find the unwanted URL and click the ” To delete“.
Disable notifications for internet explorer
Disable notifications for internet explorer

2. Reset web browser settings

On Microsoft Edge

  • Click on the three horizontal dots of the icon and Select Settings.
  • Click on the button ” Choose what to erase“.
  • Click on Show more and Select all then click on the ” Wipe off“.
Reset Microsoft Edge settings
Reset Microsoft Edge settings

On Google Chrome

  • Click on the Chrome menu and Select Settings
  • Scroll down and click the button Advanced settings
  • Scroll down and; Click on the button Reset and clean
  • Click on Restore Default Settings
Reset Google chrome settings
Reset Google chrome settings

On Firefox

  • Click on the Firefox menu in the upper right corner and click Aid
  • Select Troubleshooting information
  • Click on the button ” Refresh Firefox
Reset Firefox
Reset Firefox

On Internet Explorer

  • Click on the icon Settings and Click on ” Internet options »Select the tab« Advanced »Then Click on the button« Reset“.

Reset Internet Explorer settings
Reset Internet Explorer settings

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A file ” hxtsr.exe Legitimate is not a worrying subject. However, a malware that is hiding in the form of an executable file can cause problems and errors on our computer. Fortunately, the various fixes above can be done to fix the problem.

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