What are the best Android keyboards? Here is our top five

What are the best keyboards for android? Answering this question is not at all easy because the Google Play Store is full of alternatives, some of which are valid, just a little less. Hence the need to pull down a top five with the more interesting and functional android keyboards, usable on both smartphones and tablets, selected and evaluated by us as a whole, taking into account various aspects.

Of course, there are many different alternatives, more or less famous and valid, but for obvious reasons you can find them here only the best, that is, those that we considered effective overall from every point of view. In the best android keyboards therefore they enter by right SwiftKey, Gboard, Fleksy, Chrooma And Swype. We will tell you about them by describing their technical characteristics, details, functions, pros and cons, without forgetting the download links for each.


SwiftKey is certainly the most famous historical keyboard for Android. Its strong point? The acquisition and use of data for the text prediction, data taken from numerous services such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, SMS, or registered by simply typing. As for the themes that can be installed, we have a wide choice of styles, both free and paid, which can be purchased individually or in packages. There is also a feature to opt for a custom background from an image in the gallery.

The level of customization of SwiftKey is a reference: we can choose the arrangement of special characters, access to emojis, the management of special functions for search (via Bing or Google) and keyboard feedback in terms of sounds or vibrations. Present multi-language support, scrolling writing, that is, via swype, quite comfortable once you get used to it, and supported by an excellent method of self-correction. Finally, we find the possibility of resizing the keyboard to your liking or use it in floating mode.

Swiftkey’s real selling point is the completeness, which means being able to enjoy an app that ensures a correction system among the best in the panorama, special functions such as search and tools for heat maps and other statistics, as well as customization, as a reference. We remind you that the application is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Pros: prediction, customization and typing

Versus: nobody

Download: SwiftKey



Gboard is the rival more gifted of the aforementioned (find here our versus / in-depth analysis about it), simple, well-functioning and increasingly supported by the Mountain View house. It is one of the first choices in this regard, which over time has been able to grow and evolve with many interesting and particularly popular functions.

How SwiftKey makes use of a system of predictionand very advanced that learns about the user’s habits to provide an ever more effective and functional correction system based on artificial intelligence and various algorithms. Curated in the style of Material Theme, Gboard lacks a bit compared to the latter for customization, although there are various themes to draw from, different presets to set the size of the keyboard, an option to use it in floating mode, and so on.

The multilingual support is a reference for the category, one of the points on which Google has focused more to provide a versatile keyboard suitable for anyone or almost. Also important are the search functions through an integrated system, the translation snapshot with Google Translate, incognito mode, swype and voice support, GIF search, or even a very convenient copy / paste function.

Gboard is available for free on the Google Play Store, constantly supported and now among the most complete in circulation.

Pros: simplicity, completeness and updates

Versus: nobody

Download: Gboard


Chrooma, on the other hand, does not particularly shine for prediction and completeness, but she has a really nice and interesting feature on her side: she is a chameleon keyboard, that is, it blends perfectly with the application we are using, since it changes its color based on the graphical interface displayed at that moment. For example, on WhatsApp it becomes green, on Facebook it becomes blue, and so on. One is also available in this respect modality dark which makes the colors less flashy, to less strain the eyes and save some battery.

In addition to this Chrooma offers functions like Event Creator, a feature that allows users to create events directly from the keyboard, and then share them with other apps; there is the possibility to write with a swype, customize some small things such as the vibration and the sound of the keys, you can set it in modality RGB, refer to various themes available, many of them for a fee, and so on. Chrooma is available in a free version on the Play Store, albeit with some limitations.

Pros: customization and aesthetics

Versus: prediction and completeness

Download: Chrooma


Fleksy is a particular keyboard with a very simple and minimal graphic interface that can be customized with a series of themes taken care of. There are some gesture interesting to use, three keyboard sizes to choose from, access shortcuts, copy / paste tools, support for multiple languages, and a system of automatic correction rather effective which, linked to a rather fast and fluid typing, is a guarantee of an effective experience.

The possibility of having GIFs, Stickers and Emojis directly on the keyboard, the possibility of installing a series of extensions, of being able to draw from GIPHY, or to adjust the position of the cursor in the text field, is very convenient. The function that allows you to integrate the video, to watch while writing a message, a function that has recently arrived and opens up various possibilities.

In short, Fleksy is a rather curious and complete digital keyboard which, like the others, finds accommodation on the Play Store, downloadable for free.

Pros: customization, speed and completeness

Versus: nobody

Download: Fleksy



We conclude with Swype a keyboard that, as the name suggests, focuses on typing by dragging your fingers on the keyboard. Writing, of course, can use the standard mode or with the voice, but the app is particularly optimized for the specialty which gives it its name.

With the gesture you can take advantage of interesting shortcuts, use the search functions, integrated, support for multiple languages, automatic selection using the arrows, customize the correction system and so on. The keyboard allows you to make a backup of your personal dictionary and to synchronize usage data with the different devices connected to an account, also being able to download additional data for prediction from other locations. Side customization, there are over 3,000 themes to draw from and various special effects that make it very special.

The biggest problem is that Swype is not exempt from bugon the contrary, they often and willingly prevent normal use, an issue that will not be resolved considering that in 2018 the developer ceased support (barring any second thoughts), although it is still available and downloadable from the Play Store.

Pros: original, accurate swype

Versus: crashes, bugs and lack of support

Download: Swype

In short, these are the best android keyboards in our opinion. The comment box below is at your disposal, so feel free to let us know in the comments below your favorites, even if not listed.

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