Wearable Widgets brings all widgets to the smartwatch

Wearable Widgets is an application that brings all the widgets present on the smartphone to the smartwatch as long as it is installed both on the phone and on the connected wearable device.

The app mirrors the widgets running on the smartphone, so any action on a widget of the smartwatch will also be performed on the phone, which produces a physiological delay in the use of widgets on the wearable device.

In the options panel you can adapt the widget to the watch face, choose the color and transparency, the update interval of the watch face, update it in the background, customize the gestures and display options such as the position of the status bar and reduce the display brightness in Ambient mode.

The developer notes that a supported smartwatch is required to use this application which in addition to Wear OS by Google partially supports some other devices as well, and there are known compatibility issues with specific widgets.

Wearable Widgets is available for Android for free supported by an optional in-app purchase to remove the limit of one widget at a time e asks for permissions to access the phone. Below you will find the demonstration video and the badge to reach the application page in Play Store from Google.

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