Vodafone launches a new initiative for Automatic Top-up

From Vodafone comes a new interesting initiative aimed at incentivizing the already customers of this telephone operator a change your payment method, passing from the debit on residual credit to the system Smart Pay, i.e. automatic top-up by debiting a credit card or current account.

Under the new Vodafone initiative, users will have the opportunity to use free of Infinity 2 months, option thanks to which for two months they will have calls to all national numbers, SMS to all national numbers and data traffic (even at 5G speed) without any limitation.

How to take advantage of the new Vodafone initiative

Existing customers of this operator can take advantage of this initiative by going to one of the Vodafone points of sale and requesting the change of payment method, activating the Smart Pay mode at the same time (with which a credit card or domiciliation on a current account is associated) and Automatic Top-up.

The most interesting aspect is represented by the fact that, once this system is active, it will no longer be necessary to remember to top up manually before the monthly charge of your telephone offer occurs, as everything will be done automatically.

At the end of the free period, the Infinite 2 Months promotion is automatically deactivated and users will return to use the package with minutes, SMS and data traffic provided for in their offer. Furthermore, it should be noted that, during the two months in which this option is active, users will have to continue to pay the monthly cost of their main offer.

Those who decide to associate their credit card (the current account is not supported in this case) and activate the Automatic Top-up directly from the My Vodafone app (available in the Google Play Store) can instead take advantage of unlimited Giga in 5G with Infinito 12 months at no additional cost compared to the active offer.

You can find all Vodafone offers by following this link.

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