Vodafone is the best operator of 2021 for Altroconsumo

Vodafone and the best mobile network operator in Italy of the 2021: to support it is Other consumption with its latest report, which puts in black and white the tests conducted throughout the year regarding download speed, upload speed, video viewing quality and website browsing quality.

Vodafone crowned best mobile operator of 2021

The results of the tests throughout the year confirm the first place obtained by Vodafone last June, with the same parameters used. More than 23,000 users took measurements in the course of 2021 through the CheBanda app, for a total of more than 80,000 tests (from January to December 2021). All four operators have increased their score compared to 2020, and the final ranking reads:

  1. Vodafone with 26,646 points
  2. WINDTRE with 23,582 points
  3. Iliad with 22.973 points
  4. TIM with 19.185 points

Going deeper into the results, we see Vodafone obtain the victory thanks to its 39.9 Mbps average download speed: followed by WINDTRE and Iliad with respectively 35.2 and 34.9 Mbps, while TIM lags behind with 29.6 Mbps. The operator red also wins in the upload, reaching 9.9 Mbps on average and narrowly blowing the first place at WINDTRE, which stops at 9.8 Mbps; this time the last place goes to Iliad (6.9 Mbps), while TIM gains the podium with 9.1 Mbps.

Vodafone also excels in the quality of navigationwhile it is Iliad who prevails in the quality of video streaming. TIM takes comfort in the category relating to measurements 5Gwhere it records 180.3 Mbps in download: followed by Vodafone with 173.6 Mbps, Iliad with 100.5 Mbps and WINDTRE with 80.8 Mbps.

To prevent individual users from having too much weight in the overall result, by repeating tests in the same locations, the average of the results is considered for each one: if a user performs 10 tests in Milan and 5 in Pavia, for example, a test will be counted with average value in Milan and one with average value in Pavia.

As regards the 8 major cities (Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Genoa, Palermo, Bologna and Florence) it is always Vodafone that records the best results with the highest average download speeds in 6 of them (4 in upload).

How to participate in Altroconsumo tests

Altroconsumo uses the results obtained with CheBanda, the app available for Android and iOS that allows you to measure the mobile network in real time. Through tests, users can collaborate to define coverage, sending information on the quality of the network in the various places. To download it, simply follow the badge below (or this link for iOS devices).

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