Vodafone grows especially with ho. Mobile and landline

The Vodafone group released i financial results updated at the end of 2021, and therefore we are able to take a look at what has been achieved by Vodafone Italy in the last quarter of the year (the third for the company, as the UK fiscal year starts in April).

What a competition in mobile: slightly decreasing revenues, but I have. Mobile continues to convince

Vodafone Italia closed the quarter with revenues from services of approximately € 1.1 billion, with a 1.3% drop compared to the same period last year. The performance is certainly influenced by the great competition in the mobile network sector, but for the operator there is good news both in revenues from fixed network services (+ 3.1%, equal to 313 million euros), and in growth of customers of I have. Mobile.

At December 31, 2021, Vodafone Italia customers totaled 18.064 million, including FWA customers (+24,000 in this quarter). The virtual operator I have. Mobile continues to grow thanks to 65,000 additional customers: the total figure exceeds 2.7 million. The good results are certainly to be found in the competitive prices of the offers proposed by the MVNO, which start at 2.99 euros (proposal designed for the IoT) and which include many giga included, promising transparency and zero surprises.

As for the fixed networkas anticipated Vodafone recorded an increase in revenues, with customer growth of 2.3% compared to the same quarter last year (31,000 more). The total of converged customers at the consumer level is 1,211 million, with 16,000 units more than in the previous quarter: it is interesting to note that almost half of the fixed network customers are also converged (49%).

Small additional curiosity: during the quarter the percentage of requests for assistance answered by thevirtual assistant TOBifrom 35 to 47%.

At group level, Vodafone sees a 2.7% growth in services (€ 9.64 billion), with total revenues of € 11.6 billion. In Europe the red operator can count on more than 66 million mobile customers and 25.7 million fixed network customers, of the nearly 8.6 million converged. Are you also part of these figures?

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