Vodafone Family Plan Netflix Edition, convergent offer with fixed and mobile networks in addition to Netflix

Vodafone has launched a convergent fixed and mobile network offer that also includes Netflix, which allows you to pay for everything in a single bill. From 1 September 2021, new Vodafone customers can activate the offer “Vodafone Family Plan Netflix Edition“including internet at home up to 2.5 Gbps in FTTH with Vodafone Station and a 5G SIM for smartphone with unlimited minutes, SMS, gigabytes at maximum speed in addition to the subscription to Netflix (optionally the Standard or Premium plan). Offer available, again from 1 September 2021, also for those who already have Netflix without giving up their account and from 19 September 2021 also for existing Vodafone customers who join the Vodafone Family Plan.

The basic Family Play Netflix Edition plan priced at € 44.90 per month includes:
– Internet up to 2.5 Gigabit / s
– Wifi 6 modem with Wi-Fi Optimizer
– Calls from landlines.
– 1x 5G smartphone sim with unlimited minutes, SMS and Giga at the maximum available speed
– Netflix Standard plan

The Family Play Netflix Edition plan with 2 sims at a price of 54.90 euros per month includes:
– Internet up to 2.5 Gigabit / s
– Wifi 6 modem with Wi-Fi Optimizer
– Calls from landlines.
– 2x 5G Sim for smartphones with unlimited minutes, SMS and Giga at the maximum available speed
– Netflix Standard plan

Furthermore, you can choose to activate Vodafone TV, the Vodafone Italia service that integrates traditional TV, on-demand content and the best TV apps into a single platform to have a more integrated and customizable experience also available on the move on a smartphone. and tablet.

Vodafone Family Plan Netflix Edition includes a subscription to Netflix Standard, which provides for the viewing of content in HD and on 2 devices at the same time. To activate the included Netflix subscription, after purchasing the Vodafone offer, you must go to voda.it/netflix_familyplan, using your Vodafone Wi-Fi line, or, if requested, entering your DIY credentials and following the instructions. : when prompted, simply enter the credentials of your existing Netflix account and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation. It is then possible to choose the Netflix Premium for viewing in UHD on 4 devices at the same time, adding 4 euros more per month during activation, or directly from the Netflix service.

The offers do not include activation costs and stay restrictions and are automatically renewed every 24 months unless deactivated and paid for any discounts and / or free renewals already used in the event of early withdrawal. The customer receives the Vodafone Station free of charge as a discount on goods provided that the offer remains active for at least 24 months. In case of early withdrawal before 24 months, the Vodafone Station must be returned. In case of non-return of the Station within 30 days from the deactivation of the line, Vodafone will proceed to charge an amount commensurate with the value of the asset (of 70 euros with withdrawal exercised in the first 12 months from the signing of the contract; of 50 euros with withdrawal exercised by the thirteenth in the twenty-fourth month from the signing of the contract). There is a cost of deactivation of the line of 28 euros in case of transfer to another operator or termination of the fixed line.

More information on the offer is available at www.vodafone.it/eshop/tariffe-e-prodotti/fibra-adsl-e-telefono/internet-a-casa/fibra-mobile.html

From 24 August, the Vodafone campaign that tells the meeting between Vodafone and Netflix is ​​on air on the main television broadcasters and on digital and social channels. At the center are Alessandro Cattelan and a “Vodafone family”, who meet to immerse themselves in the atmosphere in the new season of “La Casa di Carta”, available on Netflix from 3 September 2021. In the spot, shot in Madrid on the set of the series, their daily life takes place naturally among robbers, hostages, bags full of banknotes and special forces, right in the same places where the stories of the Professor develop, Tokyo, Lisbon and the other protagonists. In reality, thanks to the performance and quality of the Vodafone network and the convergence of landline and mobile, Cattelan and the Vodafone family are simply having a viewing experience so engaging that they feel like protagonists of the iconic Netflix TV series.

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