Vodafone celebrates Valentine’s Day with doubled GB and smartphones in installments

The month of January is over, that of February has begun and this means that we are approaching Valentine’s Day 2022: on the occasion of the feast of lovers, Vodafone offers a promotion dedicated which includes the doubling of the WBCs of an offer note and allows you to match the purchase of one 5G smartphone in installments.

In short, after the last few weeks we had talked about Vodafone especially for the sunset of the merger hypothesis with Iliad and for the recognition by Altroconsumo as the best national telephone operator of 2021, let’s see what is cooking for Valentine’s Day 2022.

Vodafone offer for Valentine’s Day 2022

The offer involved in this new promotional initiative is the note Vodafone RED Pro – which in recent months had been updated by introducing 5G – and, as can be seen from the slogan (“On Valentine’s Day, the Giga are worth two with Vodafone“), Allows you to benefit from the doubling of the GB of data traffic ordinarily included.

In particular, until February 20, 2022all new customers who subscribe to Vodafone RED Pro and who choose Smart Pay as a payment method, will get 100GB in 5G instead of 50GB for one year. As a result, the offer will include unlimited minutes to all national landline and mobile numbers, unlimited SMS to all, 100 GB (50 GB at the end of the promotional year) of 5G data traffic (of which 8.2 GB valid also in EU Roaming) and unlimited minutes to EU and UK countries a € 14.99 per month.

In addition to this, the red operator allows you to enrich the offer with a 5G smartphone in installments, which brings the total monthly expenditure to 18.99 euros. The models that customers can choose from are as follows:

For more details on Vodafone offers you can visit our dedicated page.

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