Vimeo supports Dolby Vision on Apple devices

Video sharing platform Vimeo announced that it now supports for hosting, sharing and playing videos created in Dolby Vision. On debut, it only works with Apple devices – videos recorded with an Apple device in Dolby Vision can now be shared and viewed on compatible Apple devices with the exact image quality as intended by their creators.

Dolby Vision is a format of HDR, a wide dynamic range video standard, which offers images richer and more vivid in colors but also with greater brightness and contrast. The peculiarity of Dolby Vision is that it offers 12-bit color coding and dynamic metadata, therefore with the brightness information that can vary per scene or single frame. For comparison, the popular HDR10 format offers 10-bit color coding and static metadata, so it has brightness information that stays the same from start to finish of the video.

“Vimeo’s mission is to enable professional-quality video for everyone, and today we’re delivering this power in Dolby Vision to hundreds of millions of Apple users around the world.” said Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo. ‚ÄúVimeo, Apple and Dolby all have an unwavering commitment to quality that allows storytellers and content creators to do their best. We are excited to work with these world-class companies to improve viewing experiences and showcase videos at their best. “

“Today’s announcement with Vimeo marks a significant milestone in how we continue to bring Dolby Vision experiences to more people,” said Kevin Yeaman, President and CEO of Dolby Laboratories. “Now anyone, from aspiring creatives to businesses, can share their content using the same video technology already adopted by the best storytellers in the world.”

How does it work
Vimeo users can now natively upload Dolby Vision videos shot on iPhone 12 models or created in iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Similar to how professional content distributors support playing content in Dolby Vision, Vimeo will detect and play automatically videos in Dolby Vision on all compatible Apple devices, including iPhone 8 and later, iPad Pro second generation and later with iOS 14, Apple TV 4K with tvOS 14 connected to a TV that supports Dolby Vision and Mac with macOS Big Sur or later.

There are non-Apple devices on the market that can play Dolby Vision content, but at the moment Vimeo support for this format appears to be limited to compatible iDevices only. In the player below from Vimeo it is possible to see a video in Dolby Vision: on non-compatible devices it can still be seen but in the standard SDR format.

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