Very Mobile launches a new offer for less than 5 euros per month

If you are looking for one new tariff for the smartphone with a very low pricethe new proposal of Very Mobile could be for you. The semi-virtual operator of the group WindTrein fact, starting this week it has enriched its list of offers with some interesting solutions. In particular, in the Very Mobile partner stores it is possible to activate a super economic offer that could represent the right option for many users. Let’s see the details:

Very Mobile launches a new offer from 4.99 euros per month: excellent but it is not for everyone

From this weekend, Very Mobile offers the new offer in its stores in some Italian regions Very 4.99 BTL. This special rate gives you access to a bundle with minuti and unlimited SMS and with 30 GB in 4G (up to 30 Mbps in download and upload) every month. The offer has a recurring cost of just 4.99 euros per month with debit on residual credit. An initial cost of 5 euros is required for the SIM in addition to the first recharge necessary to cover the first month of the offer.

The new Very 4.99 BTL is an offer “operator attack“. Therefore, it cannot be activated by everyone but can only be requested by requesting number portability from a selected operator. Only users who request the offer can activate the offer portability by a virtual operator such as Fastweb, PosteMobile, CoopVoce or other MVNOs. It is not possible to activate this special rate with portability from Kena Mobile, ho., Spusu, Vodafone, TIM, WindTre and Iliad or by requesting a new number.

To activate Very 4.99 BTL you need to go to a Very Mobile partner point of sale. At the moment, the offer appears to be available only in the regions Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Lazio and Puglia. There are no indications regarding a possible extension of the offer to Very Mobile points of sale in other regions.

The other Very Mobile offers to keep an eye on

The Very Mobile list is definitely rich and the offers to be exploited are certainly not lacking. The operator has different rates based on the operator of origin. With portability from Iliad or from a virtual operatorfor example, it is possible to activate a tariff with unlimited minutes and SMS e 50 GB for € 5.99 or one with unlimited minutes and SMS e 100 GB to 6.99 euros per month.

Requesting portability from operators not compatible with previous proposals such as TIM, Vodafone, Kena, ho. and WINDTRE, instead, the offer from 50 GB has a cost of 11.99 euros per month while that from 100 GB it costs 13.99 euros per month. For those who require a new phone number, instead, the offer from 50 GB costfor € 5.99 while that from 100 GB it costs 7.99 euros per month.

Furthermore, until March 14th, it is also possible to activate a tariff with unlimited minutes and SMS e 220 GB at the cost of 9.99 euros per month. This offer is also available only with portability from Iliad or from a virtual operator. The Very Mobile offers (net of Very 4.99 BTL available for now only in stores) are also available online through the official Very Mobile website.

Furthermore, by choosing online activation, the shipping is free and, on almost all offers, even activation is free. Finally, remember that with Very Mobile it is also possible to request the eSIM, to speed up the entire procedure as much as possible and get rid of the physical support. All the details at the link below:

Discover the Very Mobile offers

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