Updating the Google Play Store is now more immediate

On the Google Play Store a couple of new features arrive in the settings, which improve the update function a little and make access to support more immediate. This is not an upheaval like the one designed for the web version, but it is still worth going to find out what it is about in more detail.

New to the Google Play Store: Upgrading and accessing support is now easier

In the latest versions of the Google Play Store, two new features have appeared, accessible within the app settings, in the “Information” section. It is about “Update the Play Store” and of “Find out more“: The first allows you to search and install updates for the app in a more immediate way than before, when it was necessary to press on the version of the app itself; the second leads instead to the support page, useful for learning more about Google’s terms of service and much more.

As often happens, these are introduced innovations server side and presumably available starting from version 28.0.34 you see above. For the rest there do not seem to be any further changes, but we invite you to possibly report them in the usual box below. Did you already notice these two small news from the Google Play Store?

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