Update WhatsApp: how to download the latest update

It happens more and more often that there is a new update for WhatsApp for Android to download because META, the company that owns the service, is working harder and harder to integrate improvements and new features in order to increase the user experience. It is therefore important to know how to download a new update for WhatsApp in order to always be able to enjoy the latest improvements and the latest news designed by META. So let’s see what are the ways and steps for update WhatsAppvia Play Store and APK.

Update WhatsApp from the Play Store

Downloading an update for WhatsApp from the Play Store is quite easy and fast and it is certainly the best and most immediate way for those who are less experienced or beginners. Just search for and open the Play Store application inside your device, type WhatsApp in the search bar at the toppress on WhatsApp and here press again on the Update button located on the right (the Update button appears only when a new version is available to download, otherwise the Open one is in its place).

Update WhatsApp via APK

Updating WhatsApp via APK requires a minimum of patience and a few more steps, but at the same time it allows you to download all those versions, even with build just more recent, which are not present in the Play Store because they are not published by META as they contain minimal news deemed insignificant. The steps to follow to download the latest official WhatsApp update (keep in mind that even with this procedure you are going to install only official and safe versions from META) include opening the official site at this address from the device, click Download, search for and open the file manager application within the device (as it can be Google files), open the folder where the WhatsApp.apk file was saved (usually Download) and here click on the file and then on Update (a pop-up may open with which the system requests authorization to install applications not coming from the Play Store and in the case must be granted).

New update of WhatsApp

We have seen how to always download the latest update for WhatsApp and then download and install the most recent version available, both from the Play Store and via APK, and now it’s time to see how to get information on the new features and improvements added. The best way would be to read the description with changelog inside the Play Store except that this is not true if the update has been installed via APK and that very often it is obsolete and reports previous version information, which is why the most effective, immediate and cool is to read our articles and specifically those contained within the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Beta tags.

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