UniQues archives the most frequently asked questions in university exams

UniQues is an Italian application that offers university students a practical way to find, consult and evaluate the most frequent exam questions.

One of the typical problems of university students who have to face an exam is represented by finding the questions that are asked in the exams that forces them to ask their classmates, students of previous years or those of other universities with teachers in common.

The UniQues app creates an archive with the most frequently asked questions in university exams

The UniQues app provides students with the opportunity to create a database through which they can retrieve the most frequently asked questions for each course and discuss possible answers with other students if necessary.

Each student can in fact contribute to the information by adding their own faculty, their courses and questions, or by indicating which of the questions already present have been submitted to them during an exam.

The questions are also organized by academic year, thus making it possible to check those of previous years as well, and it is also possible to answer questions with potential solutions, even by attaching images or PDF files.

UniQues is available for free supported by removable ads with an optional $ 3.69 in-app purchase and asks for permissions to access photos, media and files. Below you will find the badge to locate the application in the Google Play Store. Android 4.4 or later is sufficient for installation.

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