Undead Horde is a dark hack’n’slash where you’ll fight alongside resurrected minions

Undead Horde is a strategic action role-playing game with hack’n’slash gameplay in which you play as a necromancer capable of reviving enemies with which to form an army of resurrected ones.

The object of the game is to lead the undead army to fight King Paladin Benevictor’s living troops and rule the world of the living.

It is possible to improve the Necromancer’s abilities with cards that enhance his command abilities of the resurrected minion troops, mana, energy, and other characteristics.

The 10tons title features pleasant graphics, fairly in-depth game mechanics and controls that include the classic stick to move and the buttons for actions (attack, resurrect, give orders to followers and interact with the game world), but the Italian translation.

Undead Horde is available for Android at the standard price of € 9.99 without in-app purchases, but is currently offered at a price of € 5.99, and asks for permissions to access information on the Wi-Fi connection and photos, multimedia elements and file.

The hack’n’slash RPG can be found in Play Store from Google through the badge that you find under the trailer. Android 4.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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