Uncharted, Sony Pictures and DigitalBits give the world exclusive premiere of the film with Tom Holland

Sony Pictures Italia and DigitalBits have announced the competition that will reward some members of the Blockchain community of DigitalBitswho will be able to attend an early premiere of the film dedicated to the world of gaming “Uncharted“, starring the actors Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas.

Two planned events will be held in Italy in February in the cities of Rome and Milan, one week after the film’s official release date in cinemas on 17 February. Spectators guests of the Rome premiere will also be able to meet the DigitalBits ambassador Francesco Totti live, in the company of a special guest. Spectators guests of the Milan premiere will be able to meet the current vice president of Inter Javier Zanetti, also accompanied by a special guest.

5 winners, plus companions, will be selected for each exclusive screening for a total of 20 lucky spectators. They will be selected by lot from the spectators of the championship matches of AS Roma (Rome – Genoa) and FC Internazionale (Inter – Milan) scheduled for Saturday 5 February 2022: in both stadiums, at the Olimpico della Capitale as well as at the Meazza. of San Siro, after passing the entrance turnstiles, fans will be able to go to the DigitalBits corners where they can register for the initiative and therefore have the opportunity to win the exclusive VIP experience.

DigitalBits is a top-level blockchain protocol that prioritizes security, speed and cost savings. Any type of digital asset can be tokenized on the DigitalBitsincluding brand stablecoins and NFTs created by artists, celebrities and sports organizations.

Daniele Mensi, Managing Director of DigitalBits Foundation, commented on the initiative as follows: “We are thrilled to kick off this first collaboration with Sony Pictures.” “This campaign is a concrete demonstration of how blockchain technology can be exploited as an enabler and tangible enhancer of exclusive experiences dedicated to fans from all over the world and to leading brands in various industries, and therefore fully reflects the mission of DigitalBits technology”.

More information on how to participate can be found at digitalbits.io/uncharted_it-mi, for those interested in the Milan event, and digitalbits.io/uncharted_it-rm, for those interested in the Rome event. In both events, to participate in the premiere, participants must be in possession of the Super Green Pass, keep a safe distance and wear the FFP2 mask. In addition, participants will have to undergo a rapid COVID test that will be carried out on the same day at the premiere venue.

The film Uncharted directed by Ruben Fleischer with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg is based on the video game series of the same name, one of the best-selling and critically acclaimed: the feature film Uncharted introduces the crafty young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) to the audience on his first treasure hunt adventure with witty partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). An epic action-packed adventure spanning the entire world, as the two protagonists set out on a perilous search for the “greatest treasure ever found”, chasing clues that could lead them to Nathan’s long-missing brother.

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