Try to survive in the hostile wastes of Lost Light

Lost Light is a third person shooter in which you will have to survive in a particularly realistic war scenario.

Netease’s action game is set in factories, ports, forests and other places completely transformed by the apocalypse, so the player will have to master the weapons and equipment to perfection and explore every corner of the battlefield, as well as learn how to effectively manage hunger and pain and trading within the player-driven economy.

Lost Light is a shooter that also requires strategy

Completing survivor errands, searching for supplies and honing your skills will be the best strategies for surviving the exclusion zone.

Weapons and gear are carefully recreated and extensively customizable, but unlike traditional competitive survival games like PUBG, Lost Light allows you to choose to collaborate with other players rather than face adversity alone. With this in mind, Lost Light offers a cross-platform gaming experience open to both mobile devices and AI PC.

Lost Light is available for Android for free supported by optional in-app purchases. Below you will find the trailer and the badge to reach the game page nel Play Store from Google.

Android 4.3 or later is sufficient for installation, but a rather high-performance device is required for an enjoyable experience.

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