Transmission is a relaxing network-based puzzle game

Transmission is a puzzle game based on communications between transmitters and receivers on which to send information over increasingly complex networks.

The gameplay proposes logical puzzles to be solved by creating connections from the transmitters represented by spherical objects to the cubic-shaped receivers to carry all the data packets to their destination.

Layers can also include transceivers that act as both receivers and transmitters and that act as shunting nodes in the network and antennas that spread information to neighboring components, as well as three types of signals and other objects that vary playability.

The game allows you to delete the connections created by tapping them and at any time you can restart the level and start over.

Transmission is an elegant and relaxing puzzle game

The first levels are quite simple to solve, but the complexity of the networks increases as you progress, until you discover the six networks that have transformed the way we communicate, each with its own unique characteristics.

The Science Museum puzzle game offers a minimal and elegant graphic style characterized by bright colors and simple geometries such as lines, spheres and cubes and includes a vibrant yet relaxing author soundtrack. There are a total of 70 levels spread across 7 worlds with 146 stars to collect.

Transmission is available for Android for free with no in-app purchases or advertisements and is reachable In the Play Store from Google through the badge you find under the trailer. Android 4.2 or later is sufficient for installation.

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