Trade-in of the old iPhone by discounting the new one up to 715 euros

After theiPhone 13 series announcementApple Italia has updated the prices of its program ‘Trade In‘through which it evaluates the’ old ‘iPhone that one has to allow the purchase of a new iPhone at a reduced price.

It is easy to participate in the Apple Trde In program for iPhone: when you intend to change your iPhone to a new, more recent model, you can bring the old device to an Apple Store, or follow the appropriate evaluation procedure on the ” Apple Store Online, to receive in exchange, in case of eligibility, an Apple Store gift card, which can only be used for the purchase of a new iPhone. In some cases the old iPhone may not have a trade-in value, for example if it is too old or too damaged, and in this case Apple, at no cost, will recycle it. Regardless of the model and the conditions, it will be transformed into “something useful for you and for the planet” in the words of the Cupertino club.

Follows the table with the maximum values ​​obtainable with the exchange of an old iPhone to purchase a new one iPhone 13 | 13 mini | 13 Pro | 13 Pro Max:
iPhone 12 Pro Max up to 715 euros
iPhone 12 Pro up to 625 euros
iPhone 12 up to 465 euros
iPhone 12 mini up to 415 euros
iPhone SE (2nd generation) up to 190 euros
iPhone 11 Pro Max up to 475 euros
iPhone 11 Pro up to 425 euros
iPhone 11 up to 330 euros
iPhone XS Max up to 295 euros
iPhone XS up to 260 euros
iPhone XR up to 215 euros
iPhone X up to 185 euros
iPhone 8 Plus up to 165 euros
iPhone 8 up to 130 euros
iPhone 7 Plus up to 95 euros
iPhone 7 up to 70 euros
iPhone 6s Plus up to 40 euros
iPhone 6s up to 30
– previous models can no longer be evaluated.

The ‘up’ to is the maximum obtainable value, the real value that can be obtained varies according to several factors, including the status of the old device and the version (16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB …). Apple checks if the device is in ‘good condition’, therefore free of major dents and deep scratches, that all keys work and that the screen is intact.

How much would you save with the old iPhone trade-in program compared to buying a new iPhone at full price? The list price of a new iPhone 13 starts at 839 euros, while a new iPhone 13 Pro starts at 1189 euros. Therefore, the more recent and in good shape the iPhone to trade in, the less you will pay for the new iPhone.

It is possible to simulate a trade-in directly on the Apple Online Store, starting from the online purchase pages of a new iPhone 13 ( or iPhone 13 Pro (www. and following the various purchase steps. As for the above values, they are taken from the official page updated on 16 September 2021.

In the case of installment payment of a new iPhone, Apple offers a loan in 24 monthly installments with 0% APR.

We point out that Apple’s Trade In program is also open to devices with the bitten apple brand that are not iPhones: you can get an Apple Store gift card even by having your old iPad, old Mac, or old Apple Watch evaluated.

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