Toshiba chooses external hard drives to increase console storage

Toshiba recommends console gamers use an external hard drive for gaming. In recent years, in fact, video games require more and more storage space and consoles offer very often limited space. According to Toshiba, however, the best choice is represented by external hdd like the Canvio Gaming.

Toshiba recommends using external hard drives for console gaming

Toshiba’s Canvio Gaming discs feature a firmware specifically designed to prevent the hard drive from going into sleep mode. Thanks to this particular feature, it is possible to resume gaming sessions even after a break without any problem, without waiting times and without slowdowns.

For owners of next-generation consoles such as Xbox Series X and S and Playstation 5however, there is no ability to play games from external drives. In this case, hard drives represent the right solution for archiving games in digital format and always have them available, in order to move them to the main memory in case of need, without having to re-download them from scratch.

The transfer is, in fact, much faster than the download and reinstallation of the game and does not consume bandwidth. Through Toshiba official site it is possible to discover the hard disk line of the company dedicated to gaming. Solutions such as Canvio Gaming can be an excellent support for gamers.

The company comment

ANDun-Kyung Hong, Senior Product Manager Storage Products Division of Toshiba Electronics Europe, states: “External hard drives offer higher capacities at lower prices, even compared to external SSDs. In addition, USB hard drives are the most convenient solution for those who use the notebook to play games, especially if there are no free slots for other drives or if you don’t want to install a new drive “

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