Tired of iPhone? Google helps you with the “Switch to Android” app

Change your device iOS, ie a iPhonein favor of one with an Android operating system is an apparently simple and trivial operation, but which can put in difficulty less experienced users – with the risk of leaving behind important data -, for this reason Google has seen fit to create an official application that encompasses all of them basic steps.

“Switch to Android”: how it was born and why

The need for an app of this type is quickly explained: switching from one Android device to another, be it wireless or via USB cable, is simple and allows you to transfer all your data, as an app, without too many worries. , contacts, messages, photos and so on; on the other hand, the same cannot be said where the passage has an iPhone as its starting point and an Android smartphone as its arrival point.

In this second case, in fact, there are some essential steps which include, for example, making a backup of your data on Google Drive and manually restoring them. In truth, Android 12 has simplified operations a bit, allowing users to copy contacts, apps and multimedia files, but only using a connection via a Lightning cable. Now, after rumors dating back to last month, Google has taken the decisive step.

This new application of the Mountain View house is paired with that of Applealready existing for some time and available on the Google Play Store (here is the link to Switch to iOS), which guides users in the opposite step, or in the abandonment of the robot in favor of the apple.

No data lost with Google help

Since it is an application to switch from iOS to Android, it is obviously aimed at owners of iPhone. “Switch to Android”(“ Switch to Android ”, for US friends) serves the purpose of helping users a securely move your most important data – such as photos, videos, contacts and calendar events -, all with a fast and convenient system wireless. There is also no shortage of useful tips to make the most of your new device and make the change of operating system less “traumatic” – for example, Google refers to the deactivation of iMessage, a fundamental step in order not to lose the SMS of friends and family – and a function dedicated to copying photos and videos from iCloud. Let’s proceed in order.

On the first screen, the application explains to the user the type of data it is able to copy from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, such as photos, videos, contacts and more. Once you have accepted the terms of service, the first step to perform is the scan the QR code shown on the Android smartphone during the initial setup. Put simply, the Android smartphone generates a hotspot to which the iPhone connects and, once connected, the data transfer can finally take place.

As can also be seen from the official screenshots on the App Store, the user can choose which data to transfer by selecting / deselecting Contacts, Calendar events, Photo And Video. As specified in the screenshot, in this case it is only the multimedia files saved locally on the iPhone, while for those of iCloud a dedicated procedure is required. Once the second stepor the copy of the datawe reach the third: Google invites the user to disable iMessage to receive SMS on the Android smartphone.

Finally, the fourth step of “Switch to Android” deals with iCloud: tapping The request begins and by logging into your Apple ID on the support page, you can request a copy of photos and videos saved in the Apple cloud to be transferred to Google Drive / Google Photos.

How to download “Switch to Android”

In fact, this application includes and guides the user in completing all the steps already described in the official page of the same name. The “Switch to Android” application for iPhone is available for download on the Apple App Store a this link.

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